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My name is Joe Wallis and I have put together free information that will help you succeed in finishing your tile project with fewer problems--and have a beautiful, professional-quality tile job that will add distinction to your home. Whether you are tiling floors or wall, a bathroom or kitchen, a backsplash or countertop, the information in these free lessons can help you avoid costly mistakes.

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  • The tool you will need to remove stuck pieces of tile (it works kind of like a broom for sweeping)
  • The two rooms most notorious for tile floor damage.
  • The first step you should take before starting any bathroom tile project (doing this can save you both time and money)
  • The kind of tile that can make a small room (like a bathroom) actually look larger.
  • The right kind of grout to use for small gaps vs. large gaps (Do you know the difference?)
  • Why a tile wall is easier to maintain than a normal wall.
  • Which expensive product touted to improve your grout is actually a waste of money
  • The mistake that will leave your grout crumbling and unusable!! (Avoid this at all costs!)
  • The difference between a "jack on jack" wall pattern and a "running bond" pattern.
  • What is a "support strip" and why you may need to use one.
  • Why you should be twisting your tile instead of sliding it into place.
  • The simple tool you can use to keep your tile in proper alignment.
  • Much, much more!

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